Preventing and Responding to Water Damage

Every homeowner needs to take precautionary steps to avoid damage should water impact their property. No one ever expects an emergency situation to occur but any experienced property owner will testify that being prepared in case of cracked pipe, toilet overflow, roof leak, storm, etc… Even though basements and top floors are more exposed to external water penetration, other forms of water damage can also occur unexpectedly.

Making sure to not leave items on the floor will help avoid potential damage to personal valuables. This will also make the water damage cleanup much easier and faster in case of a flood of some sort.


  • Don’t leave boxes, paper, or any absorbent material on the floor.
  • Make sure all electronic equipment such as computers and TVs are unplugged or picked up off the floor.
  • Address any evidence of a leak immediately once uncovered.


Making sure any wet area or material is dried up within the first 24 to 48 hrs is crucial to possibly restore it. Responding to water damage in a timely manner is essential. Removing the water and drying out the space impacted must be the immediate course of action. Submersible utility pumps are used to remove the water and industrial dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the affected spots. Other materials that may have been affected such as carpets and drywall will need to be removed.

Water Damage Cleanup

It is highly recommended to open the all windows after experiencing a water damage to allow the air flow through eliminating any moisture. Keep the dehumidifiers running all night long but make sure to empty it out once it is full. Dehumidifiers are manufactured with a sensor that will make it shut off once it is full, this will give you peace of mind that it won’t overflow.

For faster execution of the restoration process, make sure you clean up the area and remove all items that were not impacted to avoid it getting damaged while the repairs are being completed. If it is safe to do so, remove all debris and securely discard all damaged items.

Water damage is a serious issue that needs to be treated immediately. It will not only damage your property but will in time end up affecting the health of those residing in it. Not only should damages caused by water be treated immediately, it should be done so by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. It is advisable to hire the services of well respected service provider.  Nevertheless, please do your due diligence prior to contracting any company to service your home.

Preventing and Responding to Water Damage